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Rogoz Audio manufactures made-to-order audio furniture: audio stands, speaker stands, and anti-vibration platforms, as well as acoustic systems and cables. Our offer is aimed primarily at audiophiles, music lovers, and music business professionals, as well as all those who appreciate high quality of sound and design.

A unique feature of our company is extreme flexibility. A regular price still allows for certain modifications, so in fact each product is manufactured on a made-to-order basis. You can choose, for example, the kind of an audio stand top you like, along with construction and design features to satisfy your individual needs. As a result, your furniture will be suitable for the size of your audio equipment, it will match the décor of the interior in which it is displayed, and it will reflect your personal taste.

Rogoz Audio cables can be ordered with standard features or with any features required. If you have any doubts when selecting a cable, we shall be happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Our ultimate goal is creating products eliminating interference between audio components to make it possible for every audio system to reach its maximum effectiveness so that the listeners can enjoy the best possible sound quality.

Rogoz Audio products have been appreciated by audio professionals as well as individual customers.

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Skylan manufactures a complete range of audio video furniture, including audio racks and speaker stands.Skylan was incorporated in 1985 and manufactures a complete range of audio/video furniture, including audio racks and speaker stands. 

Skylan is committed to product quality and customer satisfaction. 




Sound Anchors is committed to manufacturing the finest speaker stands for both Hi-End Home and Professional Studio applications. We make custom amplifier stands, component stands and video stands for your home as well as custom studio furniture for the recording, post production and broadcast industries



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Nyheter Harbeth XD-serie Den nya XD har introducerats för att ersätta både Harbeths jubileumsmodell (40 år Anniversary modeller) och standardserien. P3ESR XD har genomgått en komplett re-design, medan de andra (C7ES-3, M30.2, SHL5plus och M40.3) ärver detaljer från jubileumsmodellerna. Den nya XD-serien kommer också ha Harbeths egna kontaktdon, förutom M40.3 som kommer att fortsätta med guld-WBT-anslutningar.



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