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Lyssna på Harbeth P3ERS, Compact 7ES-3 Super HL5-3Plus, M30,1 Lasses Hifi Falun


Lyssna på Harbeth P3ERS, Super HL5-3Plus, M30,1 monitor hos Dirty Music  Kristianstad


Lyssna på Harbeth P3ERS 40th Anniversary Edition, Super HL5-3Plus stativ från Rogoz Audio Veteran Hifi Stockholm

Lyssna på Harbeth Compact 7ES-3, Super HL5-3Plus  Valnut 40th Anniversary Edition , M30,1, M40,2 med stativ från TonTräger Audio Vinylbutiken Stockholm


Lyssna på Harbeth P3ERS, Compact 7ES-3 med Sound Anchors stativ, Super HL5-3Plus Fine Audio Systems Växjö


Lyssna på M30,1 hos

Esoterik hifi Uppsala


Lyssna på P3ERS 40th Anniversary Edition,

Super HL5-3Plus, M30,2 monitor 40th Anniversary Edition Compact 7ES-hos Ljudupplevelser Malmö



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Jean Michel Jarre’s ideal sound-system


Jarre technologies is an innovative brand for home-entertainment products focusing on design, simplicity and maximum perform­ance. Designed and engineered in France, our products are the result of 4 years of research & testing. Benefiting from the unique expertise of Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers, who have successfully delivered major live outdoor concerts with pristine sound quality for audiences of over 3.5 million people


Multi-directional, crystal clear, full spectrum speaker.

Stereographic sound image from a single multi-axial point.



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