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KS-2120 Digital AES/EBU differential digital


KS 2120 Digital interconnect AES EBU


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The KS 2120 is a precision AES/EBU differential digital cable which incorporates BLack Pearl silver conductors and Kimber's proprietary digital format. This format creates a cable that is amazingly free of noise, distortion artifacts, and organic in its musical realm.

The KS 2120 features "studio grade" XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts.


Fluorocarbon Dielect

Connectors options







 0,75 m

 1,0 m

 1,5 m


 14 944 Skr

 17 466 Skr

 22 509 Skr


KS-2020 S/PDIF digital


KS2020 Digital interconnect S/PDIF


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The KS 2020 incorporates the most advanced research in the fields of magnetics, materials science and the nature of digital signals. KS 2020 uses Black Pearl silver conductors in Kimber's proprietary format. Imagine detail without the edge and presence free of exaggeration. Music flows with purity and ease, making KS 2020 the definitive choice in S/PDIF digital transmission.


Fluorocarbon Dielectri


Connectors option


Silver Ultraplate

Precision BNC

WBT-0102 AG




 0,75 m

 1,0 m

 1,5 m


 11 746 Skr

 13 530 Skr

 17 097 Skr

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